Our staff awaits your arrival to provide an Afro centric dine-in experience, as you decide from our tantalizing menu of many seductive tastes, and experience the diverse experiences through sight, sound and taste.


We provide catering which specializes in traditional Nigerian and West African food and Caribbean dishes.


Enjoy our relaxed lounge for a truly exceptional and eclectic experience. Boasting sophistication yet cultured, unpretentious and accommodating of all, creating an ambience to unwind with friends and enjoy varieties of afrobeat music, drinks and flavored hookahs..

About Us

We are a contemporary African restaurant that serves traditional African Cuisines.

Tastee D’s is Delaware’s destination to deliver a unique taste of African cuisines. We deliver a nostalgic culinary experience that transcends cultural bias, norms and palate. The value placed on our customers and their experiences are critical to our success and vision to being the ultimate premium spot.


Our Menu

Explore texture, color and of course the ultimate tastes with our menu of the season. All the ingredients are fresh and carefully selected by our chefs. Enjoy an extraordinary dinning experience.